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Travel Tips

Getting There

Just outside of Oslo you will find Holmen Fjordhotel. The hotel is located at the waterfront, with beautiful outdoor parlors and pier, only 18 km from Oslo City. Here we are surrounded by bathing beaches, hiking areas and the beautiful Holmen fjordhotel. 

Our bus will be at Chateau Neuf in Majorstuen leaving to Holmen FjordHotel:

02/09/2019: 12:00

03/09/2019: 08:00

04/09/2019: 08:00

Return journey from Holmen Fjordhotel to Chateau Neuf in Majorstuen:

02/09/2019: 22:00

03/09/2019: 22:00

04/09/2019: 14:30


Accommodation will be provided to the registrants with accepted abstracts only  from the NYSCO 2019 organizing committee


Social Events

Kolsåstoppen in Bærum municipality is one of the popular hiking destinations around Oslo. It has two peaks, Nordre Kolsås (379 m) and Søndre Kolsås (342 m).


The trail goes through the forest and passes by a beautiful mountain lake. On top of the hill, you will be rewarded with a great panoramic view over Oslo, Bærum and the Oslo Fjord.


A bus will bring us from the hotel to the hiking trail and back. The trail takes around 2 – 2.5 hours and is moderately difficult but can be a little steep at times.


Please bring appropriate clothes and shoes for the hike. Be aware that there might be ticks and mosquitoes along the way to the top. Consider bringing a bug repellent.   



Please bring swimwear and eventually flip-flops if you want to use the sauna.


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